Senior QA Specialist

A. Main responsibilities & duties

  • Testing & checking all bugs without critical and obvious missed bugs.

  • Ensuring zero reports with wrong or missing information for all assigned projects.

  • Planning & carrying out daily tasks well without zero delayed tasks as per the approved deadline on time.

  • Reporting the project status actively and compliantly when direct superiors request. Ensuring to alert all delay situations to direct superiors immediately.

  • Being active to suggest/ offer ideas/ methods/ ways of optimizing task-solving processes during testing.

  • Being a self-learning growth mindset to provide/ contribute/sharing new knowledge & skills for personal development.

  • Able to show a strong understanding of games and relevant testing requirements and tools

B. Requirements

  • 2 years+ of experience in game testing, esp. mobile games.

  • Administration experience of JIRA bug tracking databases including setup of workflows relevant for their teams.

  • Understanding of SCRUM/Agile and history structuring test teams to support these methodologies.

  • Experience working closely with build and release teams including use of version control systems.

  • Passionate about games, especially mobile games.

  • Be familiar & medium English communication, reading, writing & reporting

  • Be responsible, willing to learn, adaptive, teamwork, good working attitude

C. Benefits

  • Equipped with a PC or laptop.

  • ​Career path toward Game Designer, Product Owner or QA/QC Manager

  • Competitive salary based on interview results.

  • Working in an agile and active start-up environment.

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